Sunday, May 4, 2014

Food Review: New Spring Dishes from Noodles & Co - Asparagus di Parma

This spring, Noodles and Compay has come up with several new dishes. To promote the new creations, all fans were provided with coupons for a free dish to sample. I selected the Asparagus di Parma because I love asparagus and the combination of roasted chicken, fresh vegetables and noodles sounded really good.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Noodles and Company spring dish - regular portion

I must admit, I was not that happy with the dish. I usually eat the Asian-inspired dishes at Noodles and Company and I am always very happy with the dishes. But this dish was disappointing. It seemed incredibly greasy and I was not a fan of the Parmesan-encrusted chicken they added on top. I had high hopes for a dish that seemed to combine all ingredients that I love. I love pasta, chicken and can certainly never have enough fresh vegetables. So the fact that this dish ended up disappointing is surprising, but also makes me question who designs the dishes at Noodles and Company. The dish was easy to fix and yet it ended up being really greasy.
While the vegetables were okay, the noodles seemed swimming in grease and the chicken was probably the worst part of the meal. It was quite dry and the Parmesan addition did nothing to improve the overall flavor. I would have loved to see the vegetables stay crispy, the noddles have less oil and the chicken be a little bit softer and certainly not as salty as it ended up. So I think the overall idea was excellent, but the dish lacked in execution.
 Will I still go back to Noodles? Certainly, just the following week I ended up back there for my Bangkok curry and Rice Crispies Treat as dessert and everything turned out perfect. Maybe I am just not a fan to non-Asian, non-Curry dishes when it comes to Noddles and Company?

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