Sunday, February 1, 2015

Product review: - serving small landlords with background checks for prospective tenants

If you are in my position, you will regularly have to perform background checks on potential tenants. Usually, the fee is being charged to the tenant, but the price charged can vary significantly and you do not want to miss out on potentially good candidates by charging a significantly higher rate for background checks than competitors.

Recently, I came across a service called Tenantify, which is hosted at This is a reasonably priced service that performs financial and job history background checks for $10 each or a combination of both for $15. They do not collect SSNs from applicants, which is often a roadblock to people concerned with identity theft. The company does not store sensitive information on their systems either.

The prices charged are lower than other services I have used and that will give some landlords a competitive advantage since potential applicants will look at the background check fee as money that is nonrefundable and must be added to the price charged for the initial payment. Since this also includes the deposit, cash-strapped tenant applicants will look at background check fees as an item that they can save money on and here $20 can make a potential difference. I have seen some services charge in excess of $40 for background checks and often these services require disclosure of the SSN, which is associated with the risk of data breaches since you do not know how securely this information is being handled.

Using a secure API from a partner company, Tenantify can verify banking information without storing any sensitive information. And employment history is verified using official sources and in addition to a phone call with the listed employer. This process will reduce for you as the landlord the risk of the applicant walking away instead of making an offer since the combined price of $15 for employment and income verification is very reasonable. In addition, the Privacy Policy by Tenantify clearly states that the only information collected is limited to the information needed to perform the selected type of background check.

So the next time, you need a background check on a potential tenant, why not give Tenantify a try?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received financial compensation in return for a review of the service. The opinion expressed is solely my own and has not been influenced by any third party.

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