Saturday, April 11, 2015

Update: McDonald's on S. Roxboro in Durham - my faith in service is restored & they do care about customers

So I had recently blogged about a disappointing experience at the local McDonalds. This is a fairly new McDonald's, but it is close to my house and stop by regularly for a snack or a quick meal.

Well the reaction to my blogpost as well as my web-submission to McDonald's about the incident was swift. I was called by the manager within 2 days of the incident and he apologized and promised to talk to the staff about the issue. I explained to him that I will return to his location and only felt the need to submit the issue and blog about it because a multitude of things were wrong within one single order. He offered me a free meal the next time I am at his store and followed the phone call up with an email and to me the matter was resolved.

But shortly thereafter I was also contact by the regional office. The first contact was via twitter, then via phone and again, there was an apology. I indicated to the staffmember from the regional office that the manager had already contacted me and I understood that service can be an issue, but if I have a bad experience, chances are that other customers may also have bad experiences. Today, I got a nice handwritten note in the mail with a number of coupons. To me, this matter is resolved and as stated earlier, I will continue to visit this McDonald's. I will inspect my food when I get drive through orders now and most likely will probably pick up my food inside the store to go. But I understand that service can be an issue. To me what matters is that the reaction by McDonald's was quick and included not just a pro-forma email, but handwritten notes and personal phone calls. Even if McDonald's is a fast food chain, people leave good money there in exchange for a service and this follow-up by McDonald's indicates that they take their service and not just their food serious.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - very much appreciate the nice handwritten note to apologize for the earlier mishap

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