Saturday, September 3, 2016

Book review: Outlaw Christian: Finding Authentic Faith by Breaking the 'Rules' by Jacqueline A. Bussie

If you ever tired of listening to people telling when you were grieving that God will right the ship and he knows best. This book may be for you. The author explains in a series of stories that it is okay to now simply follow the lead of saying God is great and merciful and there will be no sorrow. It is okay to feel angry, despite being a Christian, life is now always good and life is certainly not always easy and there are plenty of times when you may doubt that God exists and really is interested in helping you at all.
This is a book that I would rather than entitle outlaw Christian as a no nonsense approach to Christianity. Life is not easy, but then why should one entity be able to make everything seem always sunny. So you have to take the good with the bad and realize that life is just that way and God will still be there, just not always in the perfect savior way that you used to hear about as a little child.
I found this book not only refreshing, but also very realistic. As such, I prefer this book over the books that seemingly paint a wonderful picture of a Christian world, only to have that image rebuffed by reality.

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Disclaimer: I received a free book in exchange for an honest review. The opinion expressed in this post is solely my own and has not been influenced by any third party.

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