Friday, May 5, 2017

Crowdtap sampling - International Delight One Touch Latte creamer

I love coffee as does the rest of my family, mom included. So we are always game for trying new items and while sometimes a good cup of just plain black will be perfect, there are times when you want to boost some flavor and create something extra special. International Delight has come up with the perfect and convenient solution for those times  - their One Touch Latte comes in three flavors. You can choose vanilla, caramel, or mocha and within seconds you have perfect latte at home that you can enjoy on the sofa. My mother made the most of our recent sampling through Crowdtap, she volunteered for the caramel - actually she beat me to the first cup - and then used the opportunity to take her morning coffee break with some caramel latte. Even the dog was looking with some jealousy at her cup. but mom remained strong and emptied the cup on her own!
copyright Durhamonthecheap - me time and luxury of a latte at home

copyright Durhamonthecheap - add some cinnamon or cocoa and cookies = perfect latte at home
 I have now sampled some of the homemade latte too and with some ground cinnamon on top and chocolates and cookies to go with, I felt that despite having to wait a little bit longer I ended up with a pretty good bargain too. I have to say the caramel flavor is just right, not too strong or sweet and the latte really foams nicely and provides a latte like coffee in under 10 seconds. Very impressive!
The can retail for around $4 locally, so if you are in the mood for a latte, but scared off by the coffeehouse prices, International Delight One Touch Latte is a perfect reason to treat yourself to a latte at home - convenient and a bargain!

Disclaimer: I received a free sample in exchange for my review. The opinion exprssed in this post is solely my own and has not been influenced by any third party.

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