Monday, January 13, 2014

Coffemate Brew Crew - it may be over, but Coffeemate continues to show class and rewards its former crew members!

I used to belong to an online community sponsored by Coffeemate called Coffeemate Brew Crew. You would get regular surveys about products and could participate in hosting events or submit stories related to Coffeemate. I regularly participated since you would get points for completed surveys that you could then turn into gifts selected from an online catalog.

Surprisingly and pretty much out of the blue, we got note last year that the Brew Crew would be dissolved. But Coffeemate in the same notice stated that the points would be turned into gift cards, so I did not feel cheated out of my time. I realize that a lot of companies start online clubs and initiatives, some work out, some don't. It is up to the company to make the shareholders happy and sometimes an online model just is not working out. Now Coffeemate could have simply ended the Brew Crew, thanked us for our engagement and left it there. No, they offered gift cards from multiple retailers at a nice amount (not the $5 gift cards) and this shows that Coffeemate really meant it when they said thank you for your time.

But imagine my surprise when I found a little box in front of my house today that also came from Coffeemate. I was wondering about just what gift card I would get when it needs to be shipped in a box, but Coffeemate decided to provide each Crew member with a little gift. We got a nice purple mug, a spoon and a coupon for a free Coffeemate product. Yes, this gift package is not the lottery jackpot in terms of monetary value, but it goes a long way in showing that Coffeemate truly appreciates its fans. Will you see posts with that Coffeemate mug prominently displayed on this blog? Probably and I link all posts to social networks, so more exposure for Coffeemate. I will use my new purple mug in part because I think it is really cute, but also because I am glad that companies like Coffeemate are still around that actually appreciate their customers.
Now do not get me started on Time Warner Cable ;(
copyright Durhamonthecheap - a nice surprise gift box with mug, spoon and coupon from Coffeemate!
Disclaimer: I received the gift package from Coffeemate as a thank you for being a member of their online community. The opinion expressed in this blog is solely my own and has not been influenced by Coffeemate or any third party.

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