Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quick dinner: Mrs Paul's Sandwich Fish Fillets - spicy version

Kroger had several frozen fish varieties on clearance and I picked the Mrs. Paul's Sandwich Fish Fillets in the spicy version because they seemed like a nice variety to the usual battered fish that is available in stores.
Heating the frozen patties up for 28 minutes at 425F, then toasting some buns and topping the fish sandwiches with tartar sauce and onion slices makes for a nice dinner entree. The buns are regular size hamburger buns that I found on sale at Kroger, the tartar sauce is from Aldi, which has in my opinion a better tartar sauce than the name brands sold at most grocery stores. 
So is the fish fillet spicy? Yes, it is definitely packing some heat and prepared according to instructions it results in a nice crispy sandwich that can use the tartar sauce to balance the heat from the fish. I also added some peas for the vegetable course in had dinner prepared in 30 minutes.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Mrs Paul's Sandwich Fish Fillets with some onions and tartar sauce!
So next time you are looking for a fish product that is easy to prepare, but not the standard fish flavor of fish sticks or breaded fish from frozen boxes, try the spicy sandwich fish fillets by Mrs. Paul's and add some spice to your fish dinner!

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