Monday, December 30, 2013

(junk) Food Review: Burger King Dollar Menu Rodeo Burger and BBQ Rib Sandwich

Earlier today I saw an article about the Dollar Menu at Burger King and since I have been running around most of the day and trying to get my rental ready for the new tenants, I did not feel like preparing dinner. So a couple of burgers from the Dollar menu at BK sounded good, together with some salad and yogurt and fresh fruit for dessert. Not too unhealthy since the Dollar Menu burgers are small enough that the calories, fat and salt do not reach astronomical proportions on the daily chart.

I opted to try two different menu items and ordered the Rodeo Burger and the BBQ Rib Sandwich. Not knowing what to expect, I figured that the flavor would be hopefully different enough that we could form our opinion about the rebranding of BK. The article that I saw earlier today is linked to here and mentions the Rodeo sandwiches.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Rodeo Burger for $1 at Burger King
 The Rodeo Burger is described in the article as "a savory freshly fire-grilled beef patty topped with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and crunchy, golden onion rings served on a toasted, sesame seed bun for just $1". This is an accurate description. The sauce actually adds a nice tangy taste to the sandwich and even after driving home, the onions rings still provided some crunch to the sandwich.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Rodeo Burger taken apart to show filling
I was quite satisfied with the Rodeo Burger, nice change from the usual blah fare of having a burger pattie and some pickles thrown on a bun with ketchup.The cheese is not that noticeable, but the sauce and the crunch from the onion rings is definitely there and liven up the flavor.

So next up the BBQ Rib Sandwich. Like the Rodeo Burger, this sandwich may be limited time only. So if you want to sample either one of these, you better get over to Burger King and have a bite. This sandwich is also only $1 and for the price it is quite tasty and relatively satisfying. If you are really hungry, you better grab a couple, but as a snack in between meals or a quick lunch with a salad or some fries, this sandwich or the Rodeo Burger will do the trick.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - BBQ Rib Sandwich for a $1 from Burger King
 The BBQ Rib Sandwich is definitely more for meat lovers because besides a couple of pickles, some onion slices and the BBQ sauce, the meat patty occupies the rest of the sandwich. So if you want a lot of meat for $1, this sandwich is for you. Since we do not have the onion rings as buffers, this sandwich is also packing a lot more heat than the Rodeo Burger because the BBQ sauce really comes out. I actually preferred the BBQ Rib Sandwich because it was more flavorful.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - BBQ Rib Sandwich taken apart. More meat, less extras than the Rodeo Burger.
Overall, two nice additions to the Burger King Dollar Menu that add some new twists to the burger menu in the fast food area. Depending on how spicy you like your food, you will definitely have an easy time picking a favorite between these two despite the same BBQ sauce being used in both. As I stated, I prefer the BBQ Rib Sandwich because it packs more heat and the pickles go so well with the tangy BBQ sauce.

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