Saturday, December 28, 2013

Harris Teeter Roasted Chicken - one bargain with so many uses

I occasionally pick up a roasted chicken at Harris Teeter, especially if I find a plain roasted chicken with one of these lovely coupon stickers on it that give me another $1 or $2 off the regular price. I love to buy the whole chicken because it is a quick dinner prep that is affordable and then gets used for several more dinners when the bread meat is cubed for chicken salad and the bones are used to make a nice clear chicken broth, sure to help fight the flu or cold better than anything out of the pharmacy.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - healthy and quick dinner combining some roasted chicken with a side salad
 Usually on the first evening, when the chicken is still nice and hot, I pair the chicken wings and drumsticks with a simple side salad. The salad will usually include a little bit of extra toppings from the Harris Teeter salad bar and then either some simply bag lettuce or, as in this case, fresh spinach that I got on sale. Whatever is left over from the chicken on the first day, will then be cubed into bite size pieces for a curried chicken salad with pineapple or fresh grapes. And then the bones with whatever little meat is left will be put into the crockpot to make a nice clear broth. This broth, especially in the winter month, is great to warm you up from the inside and makes for a great light dinner if combined with a sandwich.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - healthy and light dinner with toast, ham, grapes and clear chicken broth
If you buy a roasted chicken, what do use it for? Do you have any go to recipes that you use to extend the life of your roasted chicken?

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