Sunday, December 1, 2013

(Fast) Food Review Day 2: McDonalds Dollar Menu Fries, McDouble and BBQ Ranch Burger

Day 2 of having to fix up my rental and after 5 hours of hanging out in a place that is finally starting to look like an apartment again, it was time for another fast food lunch. After painting, removing weird stains from walls and cleaning out cupboards, I stopped by McDonalds today and sampled their dollar menu. I got my favorite, the dollar menu fries because in my opinion McDonalds still makes the best french fries on the market.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - filling lunch for less than $4 from McDonalds.
I also ordered the McDouble because let's face it, for a price of $1.19 you get two beef patties and some cucumbers and onions. This is enough to make the burger taste like a regular size burger, which only costs about 3x as much.

I also ordered something called the BBQ Ranch Burger. Never had this one before and the McDonalds website describes it as a 100% beef patty seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, then topped with melted white cheddar, zesty barbecue ranch sauce and crispy tortilla strips, all on a classic bun. Overall, it is quite tasty and I like the crunch from the tortilla chips. I also like the fact that they include white cheddar. Not too spicy, but still a nice different sandwich from the dollar menu.

So there you have it. No salad today, but I was so looking forward to just sitting down and eating something after being at the rental from 9Am to past 1PM on a Sunday that I decided to save the salad for later and combine the dollar menu offerings from a Zevia soda in cherry coke.

So now I can skip my Sunday afternoon coffee break and have salad for dinner with some homemade chicken noodle soup from the chicken broth that I fixed last night. Plus my tired old bones get a rest sitting in a comfy chair and bundled up with a large fleece blanket.

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