Saturday, December 7, 2013


 Sometimes you have a store that you go to and just buy things, regardless of sales because you love their products and you know that their prices are always competitive. For me that store has always been Aldi. Growing up in Germany, Aldi was always known as the store to o and stock up on pantry items.

So one of my goals when blogging has always been to build up a relationship with Aldi because it is one store I feel very good and very strongly about - in a good way. I was therefore very excited when Aldi offered me a gift certificate to help fill my cart with seasonal goodies. I have already shopped there once this Christmas season, but with all the lebkuchen, stollen and chocolate goodies a second trip to Aldi is not something that I will need a lot of persuasion to undertake.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my gift certificate from Aldi, now the Christmas party shopping can start!
Today the big day had come, I received a $25 gift certificate from Aldi in the mail. Now with some stores, $25 would not be much, but at Aldi you can feed a family almost a week off $25 because their pantry items are so reasonably priced. This is the same Aldi that we used to stock up our pantry in Germany and I love that in the 30 years in between, Aldi has not changed and stuck its proven success method.

So what is in the Holiday Catalog for 2013? You can the whole catalog here. What I love at Aldi this time of year are all the German imported Christmas favorites such as stollen with Marzipan or the Lebkuchen, such as the Elisen Lebkuchen. But they also have Merci Chocolates, which I love, and of course some seasonal flavored coffee, such as coffee flavored with Eggnog. There are so many good items to select from at Aldi, trying to limit myself to $25 will not be easy.

I plan to go shopping later on this week and I will try to limit myself to $25. Everyone knows that I am a frugal shopper, But I want to stay at around $25 and with all the goodies available at Aldi, it will not be easy. But I alos want to show my reader how far $25 can go at Aldi. So watch for a post in the near future about my seasonal shopping trip to Aldi in Southwest Durham.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a gift certificate to allow me to shop for seasonal products at Aldi. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by Aldi or any other third party.

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