Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas shopping at Aldi!

So today I had to stop by Aldi and use my gift certificate to stock up on seasonal goodies. Prices at Aldi are very reasonable, but with so many unique items, several of them imported from Germany, it is hard to decide what to get. I decided on a mix of sweets and savory items, including several cheeses and of course my all time favorite cured meat - Prosciutto.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - total price for all these items, including the imported Proscuitto and chocolates, was $32
So what did I get? First starters I had to get Proscuitto, very reasonably priced at $2.49 and the taste is excellent. Then I had to pick up some cheeses because they were reduced from the regular Aldi price and I love brie. Again, I know that these cheeses have excellent flavor and they will go well on crackers or combined with some grapes.

Done with the savory and on to the sweet stuff. I picked up some toasted coconut coffee, one of my favorite flavors, and the blend is a light blend with a strong coconut aroma. No more need to add coconut syrup to the coffee. By the way, this coffee is seasonal and also available in salted caramel, which I may have to pick up on my next trip.

Then I had to get a Stollen and decided to pick up the butter almond Stollen. Love the fact that Aldi brings German Stollen each year and the price is fantastic; this huge Stollen is only $4.99. After that it was on to chocolates and I got some Toffifee, which I miss from Germany and I love hazelnuts, so this choice just made sense. Then I picked up seasonal items, including the chocolate figurines from Choceur; they always make a nice decoration item.

I also picked up a waffle mix and imported Belgian Chocolate Christmas Tree cookies, which come in a wonderful tin and make a great potluck contribution or, which is more likely in my case, a special treat for a cold and rainy winter day.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - everything for this afternoon coffee break was from Aldi, including the coffee!
Above is a sample of the ingredients for a German coffee in December. I have two slices of Stollen, a couple of Toffifee and some waffle cookies. I added Pfeffernuesse, which I had previously bought at Aldi and which are a kind of lebkuchen. Together with the toasted coconut coffee, this afternoon coffee almost makes you think you are back in Germany.

I think this proves that Aldi is always worth a trip, but especially so now during the Christmas time. For German favorites and reasonably priced imported sweets and savory treats, Aldi is the place to go!

Disclaimer: Aldi provided me with a gift certificate to stock up on seasonal items and other favorites. Regardless, the opinions expressed in this blogpost are solely my own and have not been influenced by any third party.

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