Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beef shoulder roast - Inexpensive cuts of beef turned into entrees with multiple uses thereafter

Ever so often I just love the treat of beef rather than always chicken or sausage. So rather than settle for a small steak and pay the high prices per pound, I will get inventive with cheap cuts of beef such as London Broil or Beef Shoulder Roast. Still more expensive than chicken, these beef cuts are much more affordable than steak and the finished product can be used in a variety of ways afterwards, stretching the yummy beef flavor over multiple days.

Today I picked up a reduced for sale beef shoulder from Food Lion, which was priced at less than $3 / pound and looked very lean. So I decided to turn this into a simple roast and use left-over slices and bite-size pieces on subsequent days for sandwiches and salad protein additions. How to prepare this meat in a quick way since I wanted to finish up a bunch of other things this morning also and did not want to start chopping vegetables or fresh herbs? I remembered that I had McCormick seasonings and decided to use the Montreal Steak variety. The seasoning contains salt, black and red pepper, garlic and some paprika; all of which sounded perfect for a simple roast that was supposed to end up on sandwiches with some horseradish mustard and on salads.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - should roast with McCormick's seasoning forming a flavorful crust

copyright Durhamonthecheap -perfect beef roast, moist and tender, but firm enough to slice easily for sandwich
Using some pretzel rolls, horseradish mustard and American cheese, the sliced roast was perfect for a quick lunch sandwich! Goes to show that incorporating beef into your weekly meal planner does not have to burst the piggy bank and can be stretched over several days, making beef a quite affordable meal component.

What kind of cheap beef cut do you usually turn into a great tasting, multifunctional lunch or dinner item?

copyright Durhamonthecheap - ymmy Christmas Dinner with mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and beef roast

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