Sunday, February 2, 2014

Final McDonald's Dollar Menu review - closing out the $1 menu items with side salad and grilled onion cheddar burger

The things I do for me readers. I was determined to sample the last remaining item on the dollar menu and so today, in order to celebrate the Super Bowl in style (not really), I was off to McDonalds to finish out the dollar menu. On the list were the side salad and the grilled onion cheddar burger. I also treated myself to a large coffee with cream and sugar.

To start off with the person behind the counter this evening had extremely selective hearing. When I asked him a question, he did not seem to actually hear that I said anything. I guess his brain his so efficiently programmed that it only recognized menu items. After basically shouting at the guy to get my question answered, I had worked up enough of an appetite that I definitely needed to order some food. So an order for the Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger and a large coffee was placed. Then came the disaster of the side salad. I could not decide on a dressing,  but went with my first instinct and said French, followed by "or Ranch something". The staffer assured me that French was available, so I said, French it is then. Only to be told by the staffer's colleague a minute later that they had no French dressing. At this point, I figured it was safest to ask for a list of available dressings and then finally settled on the Southwest dressing since it promised some spice to what I expected to be a fairly plain salad. The staffer, who had previously not listened and assured me that French dressing was available, then handed me the package with the dressing, fork and napkins as if I was handed they keys to the kingdom. Somewhat puzzled what provided me with this honor, I then told the staffer's colleague that this order was to go and she may as well put the salad aka keys to the kingdom into the take-out bag with the salad and the burger. To which said colleague already knowingly rolled her eyes, making me believe it was not first unusual workflow the staffer had implemented in the McDonalds during his, what better be, a very brief stay. In any case, I eventually ended up with the correct order and left the store. By then, staffer was again standing in a trance-like state behind the cash register, probably scheming additional workflow alterations that were sure to bewilder future customers!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - quick dinner to close out the Dollar Menu sampling tour - McD's is done!
So now to the food. The Southwestern dressing is basically Ranch dressing with some spice and the salad was actually not bad. A couple of small tomatoes, some carrots and various forms of lettuce. Good for a quick green bite. The coffee, normally very good, tasted burned this evening and I was glad I went with the usual significant amount of cream and sugar to hide the burned taste. The best part of the meal was the Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger that was nicely flavored and made for a quick dinner that is not too loaded on calories. This is actually something I may try in the future at home when grilling. It is easy enough to grill some onions beforehand and then offer them as a topping for burgers or brats. Tasted good and this burger will be one I keep coming back for.

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