Thursday, April 10, 2014

Food Truck review: KoKyu - Korean BBQ at Sam's Bottle Shop Grand Opening!

This evening, Sam's Bottle Shop had their extended grand opening and to my pleasant surprise they still had the food truck there for KoKyu, the Korean BBQ place. I settled for a nice dinner with duck fat waffle fries - much more indulgent than any fries you have tasted before. I also had the coconut curry brisket tako, spicy and fresh and fruity all at the same time. The portion size is definitely filling and the total prize was $8, which is not bad for a complete dinner that is almost gourmet in flavor.
When you have a chance to sample KoKyu and get their duck fat waffle fries, make sure you get the special sauce - a mix of hot sauce and cooling sauce that makes a great contrast to the sea salt sprinkled fries. I am definitely looking forweard to the next time when KoKyu will show itself around South Durham.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - excellent Korean BBQ, Duck Fat Waffle Fries and Coconut Curry Brisket Tako

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