Wednesday, July 16, 2014

weekly food roundup: Guglhupf, Cook Out, Dunkin DOnuts

So instead of doing several posts, just one post with a number of eating places that we visited over the last couple of weeks.
Guglhupf is a German-style bakery in southern Durham that serve awesome bread and great pastries. If you come early, you can snatch some 40% reduced items in the bakery store or you can just sit down for breakfast in side or enjoy the still cool summer morning on the outside terrace while munching on some European-style bread and sip delicious coffee. The Guglhupf website is located here and you can see they got an astonishing selection of pastries and breads.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - assorted pastries available at Guglhupf, prices run about $5, but these things are good!!
 Does that pastry shelf not look absolutely delicious? Even for someone like me who does not like a lot of sweet stuff, the pastries are just looking really pretty. But I usually stop by for some Guglhupf bread, especially their rye bread is similar to what I great up eating at home. So I grabbed two day old breads and then made a traditional German lunch with smoked ham and fried eggs, followed by a Zuckerbrot (sliced bread with margarine and sugar) - tasted just like I remember from Germany.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - settling on some day old bread with Prosciutto and fried egg - Strammer Max!
 So if you are looking for a great place to eat - either dessert or a European style bakery in general, make a point of stopping by Guglhupf in Southern Durham. Be prepared to find a really crowded place in the morning, with parking usually still available in the back and they have plenty of seating -which they definitely need on most morning, even during the week!
copyright Durhamonthecheap - then some sugar substitute on a buttered slice of bread for a sweet dessert!
Dunkin Donuts
Of course no week would be complete without a stop by Dunkin's and since I had several coupons, the haul was bigger than usual. I got my free coffee through the Dunkin Perks program, then a large ice coffee, a large iced latte and my trusted toasted coconut donut. Weekend was bliss afterwards and even the workweek started off well because I had a couple of the beverages left from my early Sunday morning trip to the neighbor caffeine haven. 
copyright Durhamonthecheap - great bargain at Dunkin Donuts total price was less than $4 and the donut as always delicious
 Cook Out
The last stop is Cook Out a relatively new burger chain to Southern Durham (near the old South Square Mall location). They have a nice combo that includes a choice of sandwiches or burgers, two sides and a large soda (or a for $1 more you can get their awesome milkshake). I of  course went with the milkshake and selected red cherry cheesecake - it was really good. Combined my burger with my favorite hushpuppies and then some onion rings and dinner was great! Perfect lead-in to a relaxed weekend. So if you are in Southern Durham, consider giving the combo from Cook Out a try and for less than $6 you get burger, two sides and a great milkshake!
copyright Durhamonthecheap - cook out combo, two sides, entree and for a $1 extra a phenomenal milkshake

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