Sunday, May 3, 2015

Book Review: The Reason for My Hope: Salvation by Billy Graham

This book by the well known preacher and evangelist Billy Graham is easy to read and can also be read in breaks. The book is structured so that you can sit down and easily read one chapter at a time because each chapter has a distinct topic.The chapters describe what Graham sees as foundations for his belief and also the foundation for his hope. They are entitled:
1. Rescued for Something
2. The Great Redemption
3. Sin Is In
4. The Price of Victory
5. Where is Jesus?
6. Defining Christianity in a Designer World
7. No Hope of Happy Hour in Hell
8. He Is Coming Back

While the book is without a doubt geared towards Christians, it also provide a succinct overview into the philosophy of Graham and what his sermons have been about. As the title indicates, Graham believes that there is reason for hope, no matter where you are in life and no matter what the present may look like. As such, this book is very life affirming and overall incredibly positive.

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While Graham does not travel the country and the world anymore to preach due to his age, I hope he continues to write and publish. As one of the preeminent evangelists, his books continue to provide guidance to many and introduce new aspects of the Christian philosophy.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review. The opinion expressed in this blogpost is solely my own and has not been influenced by any third party.

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