Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cherish the little things in life - Saturday moring bliss for less than $5.

Being busy with work, household, graduate school rental management and blogging does not leave a lot of time to sit around and just enjoy the house or a nice dinner. So weekends are extra special.
So when the weekend allows it, I like to stop by Dunkin Donuts for my coffee fix. Cream and sugar and toasted almond syrup are a must and now with temperatures in the 90s, iced coffee is on the menu! I usually use coupons and today was no different. Getting my free donut when buying my coffee, two wraps for $2 and my breakfast was complete. More than breakfast, my Saturday morning was completed because that iced coffee lasts until Noon and the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal (which I have gotten free for 26 weeks as well) gave me enough reading material. So for the grand price of less than $5 I was able to enjoy a quiet weekend morning and rest up for what next week will bring!

What are some of you favorite ways to relax?

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