Thursday, March 26, 2015

Book Review: Forever Bridge by T. Greenwood

Using the backdrop of Hurricane Irene, T. Greenwood paints a story of a woman, Sylvie, who has suffered tremendous hardship, but finds in the end back to a quiet life and happiness. In one tragic, horrific night, Sylvie got into an accident with the family car. This accident resulted in the paralysis of her husband and the death of her son. Sylvie blames herself for the accident, feeling guilty about the injury to her husband and causing the death of her child. She is never quite the same afterwards. Ruby, her daughter, suffers from a mother that is distant and broken. She is now obsessed with bridges, seeing their strength and elegance in the artful arrangement of beams. 

One day, a young woman named Nessa, enters the lives of Ruby and Sylvie and helping Nessa heal, Ruby and Sylvie heal their divide and find together as a family. Nessa harbors a dark secret that is related to her pregnancy, but Nessa seems unwilling or unable to speak. So no one really knows what her story is and why hse is finding herself in the small Vermont village that is now home to Sylvie and Ruby. Slowly, Nessa’s secret comes out and in helping Nessa, Sylvie can find a way out of her grief and guilt. 

T. Greenwood manages to cover some very dark and depressing events and subjects with a quiet calm that draws the reader to the storyline, even if it touches on subjects one would rather push away. This book shows that some conflicts and feelings need time to bubble to the surface, but if they do, the healing can truly begin.

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