Saturday, March 14, 2015

Book Review: A gift to remember by Melissa Hill

The main character of the book is Darcy Archer, a young woman who works in a NYC bookstore and loves to live her life according to her own rules, which revolve around everything books and reading. So it is surprising when the major life-changing event that this book revolves around does not occur in the bookstore where Darcy works, but on her way to work in she unceremoniously runs over an innocent pedestrian. The victim in question is the handsome, rich and very single Aidan, who was just walking his dog. 

The book then takes off with Darcy grabbing the dog and then later on starting the journey of taking the owner too. Of course nothing is easy and Aidan has also lost his short-term memory. So Darcy initially helps Aidan regain his memory, but in the process learns that she and Aidan have a lot in common – including a love of books. 

So will Mr. Perfect fall for the bookworm Darcy? And will Darcy continue to be impressed by Aidan as a person when she gets to know his family and hangs out with the upper classes that sometimes do not look to kindly on a worker in a bookstore, when most of them are more likely to own the bookstore? This book is written in a very entertaining way, describing tongue in cheek some of the characters that Darcy encounters as she gets to know Aidan and his circle. This book is perfect for a vacation read and will in particular be fun for people that love books and hang out in malls not to shop but to observe the interesting characters that do the shopping there. Darcy for her part is a keen observer of human beings and her observations about others make this book entertaining and a real page turner.

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