Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starbucks new Blonde roast and tasting event 1/12 through 1/14

The other day I was able to sample a new Starbucks blend called Blonde. It is sold as a new light roast by Starbucks and I have to say that I really liked it. I got the sample in the morning, but I could see the Blonde roast as a wonderful afternoon blend or after dinner coffee. It is very light and smooth, perfect for a relaxing.
You can find more information about Starbucks Blonde on their website here. They currently see two difference Blonde roasts, Veranda and Willow Blend and both promise very low acidity. Because of the low acidity, I feel that these coffees are perfect for later in the day. Coming from Germany, I was initially struck by the relative high acidity of some American coffee blends. Being used to Jacobs Kroenung, I remembered being able to drink coffee in Germany without sugar or creamer, yet having to add half/half to my coffee in the USA or it seemed very acidic to me. Starbucks, especially their Verona or Pike Place blends, were never acidic to me and that it why I started drinking Starbucks coffee soon after it hit the Midwest, but I still catch myself having to add creamer and sugar to my coffee. The Blonde roast I had last week as a sample was smooth enough that I did not need any sugar or creamer.
To advertise their new roasts, Starbucks is having a sample event this weekend - in the USA from Thursday through Saturday. They should have plenty of the Blonde roast available then and I encourage you to see for yourself and determine whether the Blonde roast is something you could get used - I know I can because I have been asking about Blonde everyday since I got my first taste of it. It seems that Starbucks may have little gifts for people that attend the sampling events because they promise in their website here that they will send people home with a little bit of something. Personally I am hoping for the VIA version of Blonde so I can have some more Blonde roast at home.

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