Media Kit

Durham on the cheap was started back in 2010 to allow me an outlet for my creative writing. I wear and have always worn many hats ranging from biotechnology to law and IT compliance. My background allows me to quickly research new products and provide a timely review on a variety of subjects. Even though the name of my blog relates to a specific region, the Triangle area in North Carolina, my blog has a national audience with readers from Florida, New York, and California as well as any state in between.

My interests:
I work full-time as an IT professional. But in my spare time besides blogging, I love refinishing old furniture and hunt garage sales for bargains that can be refinished or sold online. I am a very creative person and feel that cooking is a great creative outlet. I come from a family in which several generations of women were employed as cooks and took great pride in their cooking. I am thankful to have inherited that talent and so you will find a lot of food-related posts on my blog as well. In addition, my blog is focused on frugal living and all things related to housekeeping, so reviews of household products and tips to save money will also regularly appear on my blog. Over the last couple of years I have built up a relationship with a book review company; I love to read and this connections allows me to regularly obtain books for review on my blog.

Product Reviews and Giveaways:
I am always interested in reviewing products on my blog or hosting giveaways. My blog reaches close to 6000 views each month and is growing steadily. I have outlets on Facebook and Twitter as well as Pinterest to spread word about your product. All reviews are detailed, well written  and contain images. If requested, I will also generate videos to include in the review. So if you have a product for review, feel free to contact me at vapensiere (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sincerely  - Eva