Store Standard Operating Procedures

This page will explain store-specific handling of sales etc.


History: This store originated in Germany and is a type of small warehouse store. I call it this way because the makeup of the store is not fancy, many shelves simply contain opened boxes with the packaged items in them. The store usually does not bother unpacking items. This saves on personnel and makes Aldi a good place to find bargains. Several things to note if you have never been to Aldi's.

Bagging groceries: Plastic or paper bags cost money, so to save bring your own bags or try to find a carton within the store to package your groceries. Also, Aldi does not employ grocery baggers, you bag your own groceries. They have counters for bagging groceries and I usually bring along a good size cooler since the closest Aldi to Durham is on the west-side of Cary.

Payment options: Aldi does accept debit cards and cash. No checks or credit cards. They do accept food stamps, but NO coupons. Make sure to bring a quarter since their carts work similar to carts in German  grocery stores, you deposit the quarter and get it back when you return the cart to the holding pen. This ensures that carts are not left all over the parking lot.

Good things to buy: Canned vegetables and fruits are usually priced cheaply. You may also find their fresh fruit and veggies to have good everyday prices. I usually check their website for weekly specials, which may include brand name items that were bought in bulk by Aldi and sold at bargain prices. Weekly specials may also include seasonal items, such as flower bulbs, or special sale items that are not part of the usual store inventory, such as faucets.

Website: For USA. Sales do start on Wednesday and are usually advertised one week ahead of the start day.