Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Book Review: The Last Alibi by David Ellis

David Ellis used to work in litigation as an attorney and it shows. The detailed courtroom scenes are written with great realism and the legal arguments are put forward with a knowledge that shows the experience the author himself had in the courtroom. In this book, David Ellis brings back Jason Kolarich, an attorney, who is on trial for murder. In flashbacks we find out how Jason ended up in his current predicament. 

One day, he is approached by a mysterious client, who believes that he is being set up to take the blame for murdering women. When two more women are murdered, Jason, who initially tried to convince his client to notify the authorities, disregards his duty under the client-attorney privileges and goes to the authorities. Revenge is swift. Jason’s clients finds out about the breach of trust and vows that Jason will pay. And so Jason finds himself being framed for murders he never committed, by the same client who thought himself being framed for murders. 

It also turns out that Jason’s client is not really who he makes out to be and now Jason needs to determined not only who is responsibly for the murders, but also who is mysterious client is. Throw in the fact that Jason is not really feeling well and dealing with his own health issues and what seems like an insurmountable obstacle soon appears. But don’t count Jason out because as soon as we move into the courtroom, Jason shows his true talents and slowly, but surely unravels the mysteries that led to his present predicament. 

In this part of the book is also where the author really shines and for any fan of good courtroom fiction, this book is highly recommended.

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