Saturday, April 4, 2015

McDonalds S. Roxobor in Durham, NC - service review, because they need to pick it up!

I went to the McDonald's on S. Roxoboro in Durham, NC this evening to purchase a quick dinner. I usually go to McDonald's a couple of times of month because it allows me to grab something to eat that can be healthy, such as their side salad. This evening, the experience was subpar and not just missing the point by a little bit, but a total fail that makes me now think twice before selecting McDonald's over the Wendy's, LilCesars, Amante, Subway and the two grocery store delis in the same shopping center.

I purchased a side salad and not only did I not receive any dressing, I was also given a spoon to eat my salad with and then realized that the salad had a best buy data of 4/4/15 1:36PM - well over 6 hours before I purchased it. In a day and age when McDonald's is trying to convince the American public that its offerings are healthy, this is not sending the right message that this chain can be frequented by people who want healthy menu options. No salad that is beyond the best buy date is considered appetizing or maybe even safe for consumption.

I submitted my experience to their website because the Facebook page of the restaurant in S. Durham is not set up to accept comments nor is the main McDonald's Facebook page. So we will see what comes out of this. Lately, my experience with the service at fast food places in S. Durham has been really bad. Couple of days ago, the Dunkin Donuts denied participating in a statewide promotion and before I even could place my order, was told the promotion was only on Mondays, when the sign on their own drive through indicated it was valid for any day in April. So now the McDonald's experience makes me wonder whether the fast food places need to first teach their staff good customer service before trying to present any new menu changes. Because if the staff has already issues to get things right, then menu changes will be a total disaster. Dunkin Donuts to their credit did things right, I called their customer service number and they did follow up with the franchise location to educe the owner about the lapse in server as well as giving me credit for two free drinks.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - I am adult and  good at eating, but I feel lost when I am supposed to eat salad with a spoon

copyright Durhamonthecheap - the final for the Duke game is on TV and the best buy date for the salad was 6 hours earlier!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - McDonalds must definitely try harder to compete against the Wendy's and Lil Cesars
Will I go back to McDonald's? Yes, but less often and I will go inside, check my food diligently and do not care if the staff hates me for it. But a salad that is 6 hours past the sell buy date, lacking the dressing and expected to be eaten with a spoon is a fail that only deserves this.

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