Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review: Coloring Christmas Devotions by Lizzie Preston, Claire McElfatrick , and Suzanne Khushi

My mother has been totally hit by the coloring craze and she loves to collect also books with proverbs, quotes and sayings that she can use to add to cards and personalize them. So when I came across this book, I figured this would be perfect for her. I was right, she absolutely loves it and her goal is to finish it before Christmas.
I should caution people that have visual issues and need magnifying glasses or use books with large print that some images in this book contain very detailed images that require decent eyesight. The images used as a nice mix of abstract art, stylistic representations of flowers and simple shapes. But there are also very nice nature scenes with animals and the three wise men. This book is perfect for all ages, although little kids will have problems staying in the lines. I would say that 12 years is probably a good starting age for this book to both read and color. That being said, the stories included a good to read to younger kids and fully colored, the book is a nice book to go through with younger kids and discuss the holiday and the meaning of it for Christians.
I should also point out that the book is a perfect size to carry in a purse. it is not too big and can be easily carried in a satchel, no huge tote required.
So if you are looking for a book that the whole family can use and multiple generations can enjoy, this book may be it for the Christmas season. We plan to have my mother color it and then during the holiday read it and enjoy it as a family.

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A sample image that can be used to color; the book is a nice mix of abstract art and nature scenes

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