Wednesday, November 2, 2011

homemade latte - it can be easy and very, very tasty

So I am really a coffee lover and I hate spending money on specialty drinks which can pose a significant problem. The 99 cent coupons for the Dunkin Donuts in my neighborhood are running low and alternatives are required, preferably cheap and good.

I lucked out and was asked to participate in the Torani syrup campaign. My kit arrived today with a bottle of Pumpkin Pie flavor, see my earlier post here.

I have now created my first home made flavored latte and it turned out really well. So I wanted to introduce some of standard coffee utensils that I use regularly at home.
my ingredients for the pumpkin latte - copyright durhamonthecheap
 As you can see I used Pumpkin syrup from Torani in the sugar-free version. I then used for my Senseo, a pod in the cappuccino flavor from Cafe Halo and added some regular milk to a Bodum cup with double walls. I have listed the links to for all the products listed at the end of the post. I always add a little bit a nutmeg - freshly ground- as well as some cinnamon to the cappuccino anyway, so I did it here as well and the result is spectacular. I nicely balanced cup of latte with hints of fall in the pumpkin and spice flavors - a wonderful combination and at a bargain price.
ingredients and completed product Pumpkin latte - copyright durhamonthecheap
Ingredients with links:

Bodum glasses here - even though available at, I recommend picking these glasses up at a store since I had two shipments from the reseller arrive mostly broken.

Torani Syrup here

Cafe halo cappuccino flavor here

Senseo here 

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