Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Asiatic lilies from Aldi - product review

I am a big fan ofr Aldi because despite the low prices, this store manages to sell good quality products. I am regularly buying the produce and meats there and lately have had very good experiences with their plants and bulbs. The vegetable plants I bought earlier this year have turned out great and the Asiatic lily bulbs that were a weekly special earlier this year are now starting to bloom.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Asiatic lilies from Aldi, some blooming, but every bulb yielded healthy + blooming plant
I bought two or three bags with bulbs earlier this year and every bulb grew into a healthy plant that yielded blooms in various shades. For comparison, about the same time I bought bulbs at Walmart and I am still waiting for a plant (actually, no I am no longer waiting on anything from these bulbs since they clearly will not yield anything this year and anytime in the future).
The picture above shows some of the bulbs with flowers in dark red and yellow. I had fours shades of red, then orange and yellow in the Asiatic lilies so far in my garden  and the plants were all very healthy. When I opened the bags, I could tell that the bulbs were healthy. Every single bulb had started to grow a little stem and once in the dirt, these bulbs just took off.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - some more flowers from my yard. The lilies from Aldi already shed their petals.
So looking back my experience this years. I will definitely consider buying bulbs from Aldi again in coming years, I will certainly approach any bulbs or for that matter plants from Walmart with caution. The prices being similar in both places, Aldi seems to sell a more consistent quality.

P.S I know that some people have the opinion that no one should shop at Walmart because everything there is made in China and the success of Walmart is costing American jobs, I will not go into this argument here or even take any sides. I simply decided to compare bulbs from both stores and report on my experiences. There is a place for politics, but I use my garden to relax and so politics stays out of EVERY aspect associated with my garden, including my flowers and where I buy them.

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