Saturday, June 2, 2012

Raspberry spritzer - the perfect summer refreshment!

 I stopped by Harris-Teeter this morning with a rather short shopping list (two fridge packs of Coke, lance cracker and strawberries - all on sale this week). Since it did not take me long to complete my shopping list, I decided to go through the aisles for coffee and snacks to look for additional specials, such as unadvertised clearance items. In the coffee aisle, I came across Torani syrup. Harris Teeter in South Durham is having the sugar free red raspberry syrup on clearance for $3.-. I grabbed two bottles immediately because my grandma used to make raspberry lemonade and so raspberry spritzer is one of my favorite drinks.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - sometimes the best things are as simple as mixing two things - Raspberry Spritzer
After working in my garden for a couple of hours, I figured I deserved a treat this afternoon and so the raspberry spritzer that I remembered from my childhood was revived. I grabbed a clear cup (leftover from a Burger King special on their new smoothies), added plenty of ice and then a good shot of sugar free raspberry Torani suryp, before filling up the cup with Pellegrino mineral water (that had also been on sale at Harris Teeter earlier this year).
After the first few sips, I remembered why I loved my grandmother's raspberry spritzer, the taste of sweet raspberries mixed in with sparkling water is both refreshing and a treat.
If you get a chance, try mixing in mineral water with your Torani syrup for a nice refreshing treat. For me, raspberry will remain the favorite syrup for a spritzer. But I am sure, other people will have different preferences!

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