Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kroger Private Selection Northern Spy Streusel Apple Pie

Through I was able to sample new offerings from the Private Selection line sold by Kroger supermarkets. My first coupon that was put to use was for a free 6 inch pie, specifically the Private Selection Northern Spy Streusel Apple Pie. The pie is small and will probably feed 4 people, but the outside of the pie looked very different from the usual apple pies sold at Kroger. It had a nice streusel topping and the crust looked buttery and crispy, so I had high hopes for the quality of this product.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Northern Spy Streusel Apple Pie with whipped topping
I cut the pie into four pieces and managed to get a couple of pieces out of the metal pie form without causing too much damage. making sure that you slice all the way is important since the crust is very flaky and without a sharp knife, the slices could turn into one big mess.
I did not heat the pie, but simply added some whipped topping since - well, let's face it, I just love whipped cream and a nice cup of coffee to go with a pie. My first bite revealed a fruit packed pie that really tasted homemade and was full of apple flavor. There was not a lot of cinnamon or other spices that I could taste. The flavor was pretty much apple, butter and crust. I did not grow up on apple pie with cinnamon and so I did not miss the spices in the pie. I actually prefer to have good quality apples in a pie, so that the pie can showcase the apple flavor. This pie deserves to be called apple pie. The pie is very moist; once you have finished your slice, you will find small drops of apple juice on the plate - it is that moist.
While I am usually somewhat hesitant to buy grocery store pie because they tend to taste like factory-made, this pie was a pleasant surprise. I will certainly consider grabbing one of these if I need a pie quickly and do not have time to bake.

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