Friday, August 24, 2012

5hour Energy - it does work without the caffeine buzz

Through I was able to sample 5hour Energy drinks. I got a sample of Pomegranate as well as Berry. I am not sure which flavor I like better, they both truly taste like indicated on the bottle. Not artificial, but like actual fruit juice has been added.
I had heard of 5hr Energy before this sample and several of my colleagues use it regularly. I like coffee and so I never felt the need to try out Energy drinks. Quite frankly, after I had tried Monster several years ago and could not get over the very artificial taste, I had been hesitant to buy energy drinks. So this sample through simley360 was a welcome opportunity to try one of the more recent additions to the energy drink market.
I liked when I read that 5hour Energy does not contain any sugar and really appreciated when they explained to you that you can use half a bottle to get an energy boost.
I tried the Pomegranate first and only half a bottle. It worked great and I felt refreshed and there was no sugar crash afterwards. The energy kept me going from my afternoon slump at 2PM, when I had the sip, until past dinner at 6PM. It was a buzz that had nothing of the caffeine jitters associated with it.
After I finished the Pomegranate flavor, I then tried the Berry flavor. Again, I settled for only half a bottle. This amount of 5hour Energy is working well for me. But you be the judge. Try half a bottle and if you need more of a boost, try a whole bottle the next time.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - the smiley360 sample package for 5hr Energy
For more information on 5hour Energy, such as the flavors currently available as well as the detailed ingredient information, you can visit the 5hour Energy homepage here.

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