Thursday, March 26, 2015

Book Review: The Island of Doves by Kelly McNees

This book deals with the dark subject of domestic violence, but since the storyline is transported back into the 1800’s, the book was an easier read for me, despite the horrific subject matter. Maybe the fact that the victim Susannah, is getting help escaping her abuser made is easier to read, but I also believe that the style of the author contributed to my ability to read this book dealing with domestic abuse and not be sickened early on to the point of having to put the book down. 

Susannah is married to Edward, who controls her life and becomes abusive for no reason, often putting her life at risk with the degree of abuse he exerts upon her. Catholic nuns realize the severity of Susannah’s situation and help her escape from her prison. She finds shelter with Magdalie, a trapper who lives on Mackinac Island with her son and the memory of her sister, who was a also a victim of domestic abuse, but could not be saved. 

The book explores the relationship between the two women, who come from very different backgrounds, but whose lives are connected through the impact of domestic abuse. This is a nicely written book that elegantly deals with a dark subject. Maybe the book is too sanitized for this topic because it almost reads like a vacation read or something to read on a rainy weekend with a nice cup of tea by the side.

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