Saturday, March 28, 2015

Crowdtap sampling: Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Suncreen Spray with SPF70!

Through I received a free bottle of Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Suncreen Spray with SPF70. Spring is already here and the sun is now shining regularly and quite strong. We had a couple of 70F+ days already and so many people forget that despite the early season, sunshine is no less intense now than it will be in the summer. You can always take care of your skin. I was happy to get this new product by Neutrogena to try out. It is a sunscreen spray with a very high SPF and not only stays on your skin, but also is resistant to water and sweat. That is right! You can wear this spray while working out in the sun, such as jogging or walking or biking and still be protected because the suncreen stays on your skin and does not come off.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - I love the Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen spray,easy to apply and works!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen spray, love the SPF70!
Not only does the spray stay on your skin, it also makes your skin feel cool and dry at the same time, making a stay in the sun more comfortable than with traditional screen protection. I was working outside in the garden, removing the last few branches from when we had the bad snowstorm and sawing branches is hard work, especially with a manual saw. I applied the spray to my arms and after working outside for about an hour, sweating despite only wearing a short sleeve shirt, my arms were still protected by the sunscreen and may skin felt comfortable the whole time. I cannot wait to use this spray in the hot summer months when we go to the pool and I know that my kids will be protected despite being in and out of the water numerous times throughout the day.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen easy on and lasts a long time
Update:  I have been using cNeutrogena Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen for a couple of weeks now and I am incredibly happy with the product. I apply the spray about 15 minutes before I go outside, a cool mist goes on to my skin and stay on for hours, even when working in the garden, which happens a lot this time of year in our house. I cannot wait until it is really hot outside and I use the spray at the neighborhood pool, knowing that I am protected despite being in and out of the water.

Disclaimer: I received a free product and free product coupons from Crowdtap in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by any third party.

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