Thursday, July 6, 2017

#RightToKnow: DIsclose full ingredients on product labels of cleaning products

So far, you are buying cleaning products and you never know what these products actually contain. Right now, no regulation or law requires that ingredients in cleaning products are disclosure, but there is hope. Currently, three different legislative bills have been introduced to force a change to this and of course Seventh Generation has been fighting the good fight for Ingredient Disclosure for quite some time. They are leading the cleaning industry by example and want everyone to #comeclean!

Below is a summary of a few points that struck me as particularly important when it comes to ingredient disclosure in the cleaning industry:

Q: Why should consumers care what’s in their cleaning products?

A: Cleaning product exposure can cause certain health conditions, such as asthma, due to the chemicals contained in cleaning products.

Q: Who is at most risk from these adverse effects? 
A: The sad news is that everyone with regular exposure to such products, in particular janitors or maids, are at risk, but also moms, who do the most cleaning for the family. 

Q: Why put ingredient information on a label? Will consumers really know what to do with it?
A: How are you supposed to make an informed decision about which product to purchase if you do not know what is contained in the product. Why is one product more expensive than another? It could be due to more risky ingredients, known to pose a health hazard, that the bargain brand is able to be on sale permanently, while a carefully crafted product that stay within safe concentrations is more expensive. But can you really put a price on the health of your family? I do not believe so and have been switching to a lot more natural products, like Seventh Generation, to make the house clean for my family.Consumer already have gotten used to reading labels for calories and food ingredients, why not let the consumers be adult about cleaning products as well ans enable them to read these labels too?

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