Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bzzkit - Purell Jell Wrap carriers

I just got my bzzkit for the Purell Bzzcampaign and they included 4 Jell Wrapp carriers in different colors. I had admired the Jell Wrap carriers some time ago at a friend's purse, where I spotted them for the first time. So I am very happy to get a selection of them to bzz about.
The Jell Wrap carriers are the easy, secure, but fun way to make sure you never leave home without Purell. If you like me have a bottle in the car and somewhere in your purse for emergencies, you know the hassle of either cursing yourself for having left the bottle in your where it is of little use or having the uneasy feeling of having to go through your purse to find the little Purell bottle. Jell Wrap carrier will make sure that you have the Purell bottle always handy on the OUTSIDE of your purse. The carrier has a nifty little closure that attaches to the strap of your handbag as well as your kid's backpack or even your lunch bag for work. There are thousands of uses for the Jell Wrap carriers to attach to and make sure your life easier.
We all know how important it is to regularly wash our hands, especially with flu season just around the corner and Purell is one way we can kill of harmful germs. I usually have several Purell bottles around my house, such as in all bathrooms, the kitchen and the garage. Now, with Jell Wrap carriers, I can have Purell with me wherever I go!

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