Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walmart open in South Durham - MLK and South Roxboro

Today a new Walmart store opened in South Durham. The store is located on the intersection of MLK drive and S. Roxboro, near the Kroger grocery store, CVS and Wendys and the entry of the Hope Valley Farm subdivision.
I stopped by briefly this evening to see about the store layout and the prices.  They do have a good selection of grocery items as well as the traditional Walmart offerings like clothing, electronics, home decor and auto supplies. I did not buy much since I know that Harris Teeter and Kroger have certain items cheaper this week because of sale prices. I did notice that the milk in Walmart was less than $3 a gallon. If this is the regular price, then it will be a good place to buy milk if there is not sale ongoing in another grocery store.
They do have a nice deli, I did not try any of the food. I chose to buy some bananas and some Halloween candy which were reasonably priced as well as buy the  Walmart creamer for which I have the mail in coupon.
Overall, competition never hurts and maybe the other grocery stores will have some items such as milk on sale more regularly. But I did not find items to be in general much cheaper than in the stores, especially when you shop sale items, I will still be stopping by Harris Teeter and Kroger.

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