Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last harvest of the season - my garden experience in year 1

Yesterday, before the first frost hit North Carolina, I harvested the last veggies out of the garden. More pictures will follow, but for year one, the yield has been nice. I put in three tomato plants, two butternut squash, parsley and chives as well as a couple of pepper plants.
I have been using the herbs all summer long and been eating tomatoes and peppers and squash out of the garden as well. I still have some squash in the freezer. I usually cube the squash and roast it in some olive oil before freezing it. I also made plenty of butternut squash soup and used the pepper and tomatoes as salads or adding them to pasta dishes. I will post some of my favorite recipes over the next few months so you can find healthy and tasty uses for seasonal vegetables.
Today, I will sautee the last three pepper with some sweet Italian sausage and serve this over rice. The squash will be either roasted in the oven or used in a creamy soup with coconut milk, other veggies and curry.
Below is the picture of the harvest from yesterday. The chives will soon disappear in nicely cut cubes. I chop the chives into small pieces, then freeze them into an ice cube tray. That way I have ready size portions to use in cooking.

If anyone is still debating whether to have a garden, keep in mind that my garden is fairly small and I did not spend that much time on it. I just watered it during the really hot days and then made sure I kept the weeds in check. I would estimate that my total investment was probably around $20 for plants and then the water. I ate organic veggies throughout the year (even shared some squash with my neighbors) and most importantly, had a lot of FUN seeing things grow!

some of the squash and left over veggies from my garden

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