Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bananagrams - a new way to play Scrabble - courtesy of Bzzagent.com

Today I finally received my bzzkit for the Bananagrams campaign. I have attached a couple of pictures below. The whole idea of Bananagrams is a new and quick way to play Scrabble. Rather than spend an hour or most finishing up one game, Bananagrams takes less time and can be played with a varied number of players. The point of Bananagrams is not to add a tile to an existing word on a board or create a new word, but to quickly use up all the tiles. If you run out of words, you can even exchange tiles to see if you get better options. This makes Bananagrams a quick word game that is ideal of lunchbreak brainteasers or whenever you have a few minutes and want to keep the brain active.
I love the cute package that the games comes in, the name Bananagrams is certainly chosen well. The instructions are easy and the games are adjustable to the knowledge of each player. You can, for example, do not have penalties for exchanging tiles if kids are playing or have the player pick up 5 tiles for each tile that he returns if an experienced Scrabble player is participating.
I plan to use the game for lunchbreaks in place of the daily Sudoku to keep my brain active and to make sure I truly take a break from work.
The website for the game is here
The Wikipedia with additional information about who invented the game is here

Copyright Durhamonthecheap - the cute package that the game comes in

copyright Durhamonthecheap - the contents of the game. Tiles are too small for little kids!
Disclaimer: I was offered a free game as part of the word of mouth campaign through bzzagent.com. The opinion expressed are solely my own and have not been influenced by bzzagent or Bananagrams.

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