Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red Cross blood donor drives - Donate if you can or volunteer at an event - It is important to help!

Today, UNC Chapel Hill had the winter blood donor drive. I try to volunteer at least once a year and also donate, if possible. It is important to keep in mind that blood donations are always needed and that blood donating is a free way to help out others. While it may be more convenient to just write a check rather than donate blood, in tough economic times there are plenty of opportunities to help others out without spending money and donating blood is one way.

If you are in the Durham / Chapel Hill area, please keep in mind that the UNC blood drive is open to the public for donations. Anyone can stop by and donate blood. They usually have small gifts for each donor and local restaurants provide food for the donors.

Today, the gift was a cute little soup cup with an adorable red spoon and a free recipe by chef Cat Cora. 

copyright Durhamonthecheap - gift for each donor of the Winter UNC Red Cross event


Lori said...

I donated blood today in my home town. I've never received a gift of any sort, and I'm nearing my 10 gallon pin. Not that I need a gift, but that is truly adorable and I would feel a little more appreciated if I was given something like that for the effort.

kratzy said...

I have donated at private medical centers before and they also handed out little things after every donations and then some "larger" items (mugs etc.) after you hit a milestone. I am not sure how big your hometown is, but maybe you have a university or another organization that is working with the Red Cross to hold a blood drive. Chances are they will then have volunteers involved and you may at least get a friendly smile out of it since for volunteers it is not an everyday affair and they tend to put some effort into the activity.