Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quick and tasty shortcut: HT Italian Style meatballs

Harris Teeter frequently has their Italian Style meatballs on sale; sometimes as a sale price, sometimes as BOGO. I was reluctant at first to buy pre-cooked meatballs, but after I have given them a try a couple of times, I now regularly buy them to keep them in the fridge for emergencies when I need to prepare a quick meal. My favorite way to prepare them is simply adding them with my favorite pasta sauce and some fresh herbs, such as chives, to a crock pot and let them simmer for a couple of hours. I usually add an equal amount of water to thin the sauce and then a lot of veggies, such as peas, but mushrooms work as well. Once thoroughly cooked, I either add them over pasta or simply eat them with biscuits.
The nutritional info on the meatballs is here. They are fairly good size, so three meatballs is plenty and you get a dozen in a package (recently on sale at 12/7/2011, they were around $2.00 for a dozen meatballs).
I found they have just the right amount of spices to taste Italian, but not to overpower the sauce that I am adding or the veggies in the sauce.
Today I found a bag of white mushrooms on sale, I added them to the meatballs and some pasta sauce that was previously on sale and will serve them with some of the Pillsbury biscuits that are on sale this week.
I figure that the whole meal cost less than $8.00 and it will easily feed the three of us with some left over for a workday lunch. And the best part of it, it took me less than 30 minutes prep time - the slow cooker did all the work!

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