Thursday, October 18, 2012

BrandX - Russel Brand for 30 minutes uncensored

Yes, that is right, Russel Brand has his own TV show and it is clearly uncensored and that is the reason it is coming on at 11PM on the FX Network.

I choose this screensaver from the FX website as the first image, because the show can be described as dark. Russell is not pleased about a lot of things and he makes that clear. So if you are hoping for light entertainment, keep looking. If are you looking for a highly individual view on current topics and no nonsense critique of people in charge, aka politicians, this show is for you. And just in case you are not that familiar with Brand, his show and the clips available online are definitely not save for work. The language can only be described as strong.
And while Brand may seem like he does not care about other's opinions of himself, he clearly wants to be in the spotlight and even criticism of his behavior and opinions will bring publicity. I was surprised by an interview he did with a guest on the Olympics and switched into a discussion of propaganda. And while Brand made it clear that propaganda is not necessarily bad, think of the 1936 Olympics, mixing Nazi means of influencing the masses in with other events based on similarities in posters was a stretch for some of the guests I invited to the viewing party. They were wondering where did that come from and who is this guy that, in their opinion, will make such statements to grab headlines. That is why I picked the second image from the FX website - Brand covets publicity, even if only through notoriety.

But you should really make up the opinion about BrandX on your own - check out the show website on the FX site here. And then watch some of the clips and full length videos there as well.

Disclaimer: I was able to host a viewing party on BrandX through The opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by Crowdtap or any other third party.

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