Friday, October 5, 2012

Customer appreciation at Jimmy John's: some tip to stand out in the crowd for freebie giveaways

So yesterday Jimmy John's had their customer appreciation day and they were selling selected subs from their menu for $1, including tax. This is the first smart move by Jimmy John's. Saying that the total price is $1 and throwing tax right in ensures that the cashier do not spend any time handing out change to people. Let's face it, most people will grab a sub and very few will want soda or chips with the sub. We know how real bargain hunters work and everyone knows that restaurants make a lot of money by reselling soda to people with no other effort than providing a dispensing device and some ice to go.The profit margin on soda is the reason I stick to water at most places.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Jimmy John's #1 with hot peppers!

The line was a good size when I showed up at the Jimmy John's in Durham around 11AM. But it also was moving at a good pace. They had one staff member standing outside taking orders and handing out menus, explaining to everyone the limitations of the offer again and doing her best to move the line along.

As we were getting closer to entrance, we noticed that the whole place was packed with people waiting for their subs. I ordered (by mistake) a #1 (Pepe) instead of #6 (Vito) with hot peppers on the side. This proved to be good mistake because whenever a standard sub was called up, such as #4, a number of people wanted to grab it. No numbers or names were called out with the sandwiches and while this sped up the processing of orders it also left people wondering which #4 was their sandwich. Anyway, the sandwich was fresh and very tasty. I actually liked the little kick of the hot peppers with my ham and provolone and hope that they permit to have this option with all sandwiches from now on without charging extra.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - a good amount of hot peppers for a kick to wake you and your tastebuds!

Anyway, below is my $1 lunch from the customer appreciation day at Jimmy John's and a very nice feeling it gave me enjoying it!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - a close up of the "interior" of the sandwich

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