Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy

I got the book "The Fast Metabolism Diet " through and actually decided to stick to the diet. In part the diet was easy because I can actually eat everything I normally eat and included in the book is a recipe index that will have you covered for the first month of the diet. Having the recipes on hand makes it easy to stick to a diet because you can make your shopping list based on the book recipes and do not have to wonder what to fix for dinner. The recipes are nutritious and TASTY, yes - the food actually tastes good. Something like pork roast with sweet potatoes is not a typical diet dish for me, but actually similar to what I routinely cook. They also have included really nice seafood dishes and I felt as if I was working my way through a new cookbook rather than a diet book.

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Before I continue to rave about the recipes and how easy this diet fit into my lifestyle, let me tell you something about the basic theory behind the Fast Metabolism Diet. The principle is to reduce weight not by eating less or skipping certain foods, but by increasing your metabolism. The metabolism is increased by adjusting what you eat when, alternating between carbohydrates and proteins throughout the week to provide the body with enough changes that the metabolism needs to adjust to the differing foods and is thereby becoming more efficient.

I am actually cooking some of the recipes later on because they really are very similar to what I regularly cook and eat. I do not eat a lot of rich food and have days on which I eat lots of carbs, like a main dish with pasta and some veggies, and on other days, I cannot imagine dinner without a nice roast out of the oven. The nice thing about the meal planning is that weekends are a free for all, you can have carbs, proteins, veggies and healthy oils. This means that from a culinary perspective, you can truly enjoy the weekends. I will continue to post some updates on recipes from the book in the coming weeks and share my impressions as I work through this book! So look forward to some updates.

One of the recipes I tried out was a simple turkey sandwich with red onions and some tomatoes for extra flavor. This simple lunch got me started on adding red onions as a regular sandwich topping and I love the flavor they add. As you can tell, these recipes are similar to real homecooking or regular snack foods that you would eat anyway. This diet is not about excluding food groups or depriving you of food that you love, it is about changing when you eat what. Keeping your body guessing and speeding up your metabolism. After 2 weeks on the new meals, I have lost 10 pounds without feeling that I am dieting or limiting what I can store in my fridge. I am very happy with the diet experience so far and will continue to incorporate the principles into my meal plan. I am planning to adjust my traditional recipes to keep the alternating meals for each day. This way I can use my pantry items and enjoy a healthy lifestyle that makes weight loss part of a routine rather than the goal of mealplanning.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my version of the onion / ham on a pumpernickel bagel - love the flavor combo

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/FastMetabolismDiet. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own as always!

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