Monday, May 20, 2013

Goodies Box - May 2013

Disclaimer: I received this box in exchange for a nominal fee, the opinions expressed in the review are solely my own and have not been influenced by Goodies or some other third party.

In my May box from Goodies, I really received a lot of nice surprises. Starting with a full 1l of Coconut water by Zico and extending to the Raspberry Chipotle Sauce for dipping, the box had really something for everyone. I was particularly impressed with the large number of samples. We got 9 total items.

If these samples sound good to you, consider signing up at and enjoy similar subscription boxes for just $7.00/month. The company is associated with Walmart, in case someone had strong feelings about that parent company. You can order fill-size products from the website, but often find the items also on and so comparison for best pricing is something I recommend. 

I have the items listed below and as applicable included my initial impressions. I am not done eating my way through the box, but some items had to be sampled right away. 
Included were:
  1. Zico - Chocolate Coconut Water
  2. Beanitos - Nacho Cheese, White Bean Chips - I loved these chips. The flavor was just right to indicate the Nacho Cheese presence, while the chips were not greasy at all and had a nice soft crunch to them. What I am trying to say with soft crunch is that the chips were crunchy, but brittle enough at the same time that if you bit into them, the broke apart, but did not leave sharp edges that could hurt you. A really nice texture to these chips. I would compare the texture to that of Sun Chips, but the flavor was much better and more intense. 
  3. Numi - Organic Moroccan Mint Tea 
  4. Bronco Bob's - Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
  5. Sour Power Straws - Strawberry 
  6. Sour Power Straws - Sortz - I sampled this package because of the different flavors included. The straws were sour, but not overly sour. Once the sugary coating was removed, the flavor was more fruity than sour. I would have loved for the sour flavor to last longer. Overall, the flavors were true to the name and had some unusual flavors not normally included in gummy products, such as raspberry/grape.  
  7. California Olive Ranch - Olive Oil (2 sample packages)
  8. SuperSeedz - Sea Salt - loved this product because of the crunch as well as the flavor, which was a mild salty flavor. I do not usually eat pumpkin seeds, but these were good and I could see myself eaten them on a regular basis. I have some leftover and will try to add them as extra crunch to a simple salad.  

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