Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review: A Broth of Betrayal by Connie Archer

Lucky Jamieson is the owner of By the Spoonful, a restaurant in Snowflake, Vermont, that acts as diner, but also a meeting place for gossip in the small town with a history back to the Revolutionary War. And the Revolutionary War is maybe more alive than most people can imagine, when a skeleton dating back to that time is found. While an old skeleton poses an interesting historic puzzle, it gives little reason for present day concern about safety. Yet a fresh corpse, indicating a recent murder took place in the local auto-shop, is a totally different story. 

But what Lucky really gets involved in these affairs is the disappearance of her friend Elizabeth, the mayor of Snowflake, who may be the key to unraveling all these mysteries. So while Lucky is solving where her friend disappeared to, the old skeleton is not the only skeleton coming out of hiding and causing more than a little uproar in the usually quiet Snowflake. The New England community turns out to be the center of a series of murders that may not date all the way to the Revolutionary War, but certainly long enough into the past for some people to pretend to have forgotten all about the beginning. 

Connie Archer has written a lively mystery story with an interesting set of characters that manages to uncover much darker secrets in the small New England community of Snowflake than initially anticipated by the reader. Bonus: For hobby cooks, the author included a few recipes taken right out of the cookbook of Lucky Jamieson.

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