Saturday, June 1, 2013

Product review: Kroger Private Selection Upside Down Cakes -

I received through an electronic coupon for a free Kroger Private Selection Upside Down Cakes to sample as part of a bzzcampaign. These Kroger Private Selection Upside Down Cakes are a new offering and I was quite excited to try them out because I love pineapple upside down cake, but have always been a little bit reluctant to try one of these upside down cakes myself.
Kroger Private Selection Upside Down Cakes come in three varieties:
  • German Chocolate Fudge
  • Double Chocolate Molten
  • Amber Honey Apple Spice 
Not being too much of a chocolate person when it comes to rich food, I will see if I can find the Amber Honey Apple Spice  at my local Kroger. Although I have to admit, the German Chocolate Fudge and Double Chocolate Molten do sound good and I know my friends will prefer the chocolate varieties. But for me, chocolate in such cakes means that I can barely eat a slice and then I am full. We will see what is available and what I end up buying.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Apple Upside Down Cake from Kroger's Private Selection

But first, a little bit of information on how to use Kroger Private Selection Upside Down Cakes and what makes them such a great addition to the Kroger Private Selection Line of gourmet foods. They are very easy to prepare, you can either use the regular oven (for 12 minutes) or even the microwave (for 3 minutes). Simply warm the cake in the oven of your choice (each cake comes in its own little form that you can toss after you are done heating up the cake), then flip the cake on a nice platter and VOILA! - the cake is served.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Honey Apple Spice Upside Down Cake from Kroger

And because the cake consists of high quality ingredients, like real butter, it tastes just like homemade. Well, we have to see about that because I usually try to cut down on the fat because a lot of recipes end up with cakes way too rich for me. So maybe it will taste like the cakes my friends make. Because of that, I am hoping to find the Amber Honey Apple Spice because it sounds the least rich to me.

Disclaimer: Through bzzagent, I received a complimentary Kroger Private Selection Upside Down cake and I chose the Apple Spice variety. The opinions in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by Kroger or or any third party. 

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