Thursday, June 13, 2013

Want free stuff and love making videos? Try to generate video-based product reviews

I have been a member of EXPOTV for about one year now and love it. EXPOTV is a company that solicits video-based product reviews done by individuals, not commercial advertising agencies. There are a couple of ways to become involved in these product reviews.

The first way is to be selected for a product test, in which EXPOTV mails you the product and then you make a video that you post to their site. The second way to become involved is to simply respond with a video to the review requests on the EXPOTV site. Sometimes, such as this week, the requested product review for laundry detergents can provide a nice return - more on that later. So I made a couple of videos, answered the short survey about the products and then uploaded the videos to the EXPOTV site. The questions about the product usually request a rating of the product, an extremely brief summary and then, if you want to, they leave space for pros and cons that you can complete.

The result of these videos are points awarded to your account and then redeeming these points for products or gift cards. The videos that are really needed by companies, such as the detergent ones this week, can provide enough points that you can get about $5 for each video in giftcards. Not a huge payout, but if you are like me and you like to play with video editing software, this is a fun way to sharpen your editing skills and get a payout at the same time.

Don't worry if you do not have a lot of experience in video editing, the videos are supposed to be simple and not masterfully done like commercial ads. The company EXPOTV wants to make sure that real people talk about products and provide honest opinions. I love playing around with video editing software and have done editing for a long time, so for me taking the video and finalizing it before uploading to EXPOTV does not take a lot of time.

Give EXPOTV a try and see how you like it. I was just selected today for a product test of a L'Oreal product after doing a lotion product test a couple of weeks ago. If this string of product tests from various companies continues, I may have to add another room just for storage - but I am happy and free products are always good!

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