Monday, June 10, 2013

Product Review: Influenster Something Blue Voxbox - my initial impressions

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my little Influenster Voxbox arrived today - I am so happy!
Today I received a nice little surprise from, the Something Blue Voxbox. Influenster will ship these little sampler boxes at no charge to your house a few times a year, depending on your demographic profile. Then you get to sample and review the products included and have fun trying out some products that, as in my case quite often, you may be too chicken or too cheap to buy.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my Something Blue Voxbox left me feeling anything but blue!
I love all the products included in this box. Especially the Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot for Her will come in useful because in the summer some of the shoes that are so comfortable in the winter feel all of a sudden as if they are lacking serious cushions and my feet start hurting. So I will definitely try out this Dr. Scholl's product that I have never even seen before receiving it in my Voxbox.

Another item I really like are the Q-tips, I can never have enough of these. The precision tips are more pointed than regular Qtips and it should be easier to get deep into the ear and clean them properly. They included two packages, which makes me happy.

The Kiss products I have had before. But I had the nail art before, not the lashes. The nail art worked really well, came in beautiful colors and lasted easily a week. Most importantly, the nails were very easy to apply and that is important because I do not spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning and so easy application is a must, if I am supposed to use something. The lashes came also in two different packages and they include one set with thinner and another one that appears to have thicker or more abundant lashes. Since I am not using a lot of lashes, I will start with the less obvious one first. The packaging states that the lashes can be worn with contact lenses, so I am curious to see how that works out since my eyes are quite sensitive.

The box also contains an Allure award winning product, the Luster Now! Instant Whitening Toothpaste. I have to admit that I am not familiar with this product, even though I subscribe to Allure and usually the awards from Allure for me are a sign of quality. So I am very happy to see this product included and I am very eager to try it out.

Lastly, the box includes a sample of Urgent Rx Fast Powder for headache relief. Who does not suffer from occasional headaches and so this will definitely be useful this summer. Again, I have never even heard of the company and so I am looking forward to make the most of my Voxbox  by sampling new products.

The box also contained an ad for My Trio Rings, which promises real designer rings at prices that are 65% off regular prices. The initial impressions of the rings offered is that the quality seems to be quite good and the prices do seem more than reasonable. I will have to look at the ad some more and then actually do comparison shopping at local stores to see how the prices stack up against My Trio Rings.

Below is a video with my initial impression. Overall, I am extremely happy to be included in this Voxbox because it allows me for free (in case you have forgotten that important piece) to sample a collection of new products and provide an honest review of my impressions.

Disclaimer: I received a box of items to sample and review through The opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by or any third party.

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