Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review: Rock harbor Search and Rescue by Colleen Coble

The book by Colleen Coble deals with the adventure of a young 13 year old girl, Emily O’Reilly, who wants to work with the search and rescue team that her mother is a member of. She is so determined that she is even working jobs to save up enough money to buy her own puppy and train it for missions. But her plans come to grinding halt when an expensive necklace is stolen at a fair, at which Emily works and Emily finds herself to be the prime suspect. Never giving up on her dreams, Emily is determined to, if necessary, solve the mystery of the stolen necklace herself. Things are not easy, especially since at the same time stories about a local ghoul are revived and further complicate life for Emily.

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The book is intended for girls around 10 years of age. But I found this book quite enjoyable as an adult. The language is very child appropriate and with the theme heavy on adventure and dealing with mysteries, but also dogs and rescue activities, I would not be surprised if boys would like this book as well. I was reminded a little bit of the Enid Blyton books and the adventures that the kids experienced in those books. While this story by Coble is clearly playing in present day Michigan, the experiences of Emily at similar. Adults tend to show disbelief to her stories. At times, one gets the impression that adults would find it more convenient if Emily was guilty. But in these situations, Emily's strength shines. She never waivers and shows an astounding determination to find the truth.

I liked this book. There are no over Christian elements present in the story and to be honest, Emily appears a little bit too much into boys. Maybe the author was trying to make the girl of 13 appear realistic, but these elements in the story to me are much weaker than when the author describes the adventures that Emily has.

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