Monday, June 17, 2013

Product Review: MiO Fit Artic Grape

Through a Facebook Giveaway I was able to obtain a full size sample of the new MiO Fit flavors. I selected Arctic Grape and the sample arrived today. MiO Fit also comes in Berry Blast, but I have been looking for a good Grape-flavored water enhancer. Now MiO Fit comes with electrolytes, but I am really more interested in the flavor addition to water since the whole electrolyte-enhanced water ads to me are really funny because what is water if not a mixture of electrolytes already. If I really need to rehydrate, meaning I am actually at a point of suffering from dehydration effects, I doubt that any of these water additives will make a big difference. I do not recall hearing that EMS staff is now carrying MiO around for cases of dehydration in the summer.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - MiO Fit is available at amazon for around $17 / 6 bottles.
 So I added three squirts from the MiO Fit to a glass of water, added some ice and gave it a try. The grape flavor is not bad, but you do need 3 squirts to taste the grape and then it is really sweet. I would describe the flavor as grape and sweet, not grape and fruity. So if you are looking for a grape juice flavor with a little bit of tartness thrown in, MiO Fit is not it. If you are instead looking for a Welch's Grape Soda type flavor, MiO Fit is quite close to that.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - grape flavored water after the addition of MiO Fit Arctic Grape
The nutritional info, yes I do feel kind of funny including nutritional info for a water enhancer, but they provide the information, so here goes for Arctic Grape:
Arctic Grape 18ct Nutrition
from the MiO Fit website here
Anyhow, you get, based on the above information, some Niacin, B6, B12 and some Potassium. Nothing overly bad and nothing that will make you go bananas due to caffeine overload. Overall, no sugar or caffeine, but some vitamins are present and the grape flavor is good. Based on the fact that it has no calories, the MiO Fit is actually a decent water additive and it comes in handy little containers that you can easily put in your purse. I actually have the lemonade one at work and compared to that, I definitely prefer the grape flavor because the regular lemonade flavor is really artificial to me and I have found better low or no calorie additives on the market. For grape, MiO Fit actually does a good job.

Disclaimer: I received a free product through a Facebook giveaway. The opinions expressed in the blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by MiO or any third party.

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